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We offer different type of concentrators for the depuration of polluted air with low solvent concentration (< 1 g/m3).

This technology allows to reduce of 10-15 times the flow polluted by solvent, increasing the concentration and reducing the management costs.


The honeycomb zeolite rotor concentrator (HZRC) is a system that comprises the following three main components: the HZRC, an incinerator, and airflow ducts. Moreover, the HZRC has also been summarized as being efficient in treating VOCs with a wide range of concentrations and characteristics.
The removal efficiency of an HZRC is influenced by parameters such as the process flow rate, rotation speed, thermal response, and the type of zeolite used to coat the concentrator. Combining the HZRC with an oxidation process is more economical and efficient, and yielded fewer secondary emissions compared to single-oxidation processes such as regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), regenerative catalytic oxidizer (RCO), and catalytic thermal oxidizer (CTO) processes.


Multistage fixed bed adsorbers.