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Donau Carbon Technologies SRL designs and supplies complete lines for the treatment of dust and gases polluted flows.
The main installations have been done for treatment of flue gases coming from industrial process, therefore characterized by high concentration of specific pollutants.
For example, Donau Carbon Technologies SRL realized plants for the treatment of flue gas produced during processing of materials for telecommunications, able to capture very light dusts and strongly acid vapours.
The flue gases generated by production process contain very light dusts (less than 1 micron), hydrochloric acid and chlorine.
Polluted flow is kept hot in order to remove dust with special designed bag filters and then cleaned with basic reducing solution, by means of an high efficiency scrubber.
Due to flue gasses aggressivity, materials resistant both to corrosion and to high temperature have been employed.
Emission is included in the most restrictive limits requested by laws.